Screen Printing On OSB For Inbound Brewco's New Taproom Store

We've been working with Inbound Brewco opening in the North Loop over the past few months. Their awesome new brewery will be opening in March in Minneapolis near the Target Center. We had a unique opportunity to screen print on the wood walls (OSB panels) to create a kind of wallpaper look, that will be going up in their new taproom store. We were printing from 4:30pm-10:30pm to get all 7 panels done. It took 1 printer and 1 person to stand on the screen acting as the clamp to hold it in place.

Fun project to work on, great learning experience, awesome Inbound Brewco/North Loop Brew crew to work with! Be sure to check out the walls in the store when they open!

Click on images to enlarge.

Screen printing on wooden boards for Inbound Brewco's new taproom store in Minneapolis, Minnesota! 6 hours of work put into 30 seconds. Printing What Matters.