On-Site Live Screen Printing at Events

If you're looking for a new and engaging way to entertain people and make or raise some money at your event or party, On-site Printing, sometimes referred to as 'Live Printing' is the way to go! We bring our presses and equipment to you, people pick a garment, pick a design, and they watch their new custom shirt being printed! Everyone walks away happy, with new swag to show off from your event! Give them something to talk about. Perfect for community events, weddings, birthday parties, private parties, concerts, festivals, and other events. Check out some of our previous on-site events here.

For more detailed information, check out our digital info packet.

How much does it cost?

We typically will figure out a price upfront, depending on various things like location, size, number of designs, number of garments, and so on. We also offer discounted pricing options for non-profits 501(c)(3). Contact us for more information on our pricing and how much you could profit from having us there.

How many designs can I have?

We have a couple options for you to choose from. We will have 4 screen openings on our press; think of each screen being 1 color. We do have a second press available upon request, which would make for a total of 8 screens (8 designs).

A) one 4-color print
B) two 2-color prints
C) one 2-color print and two 1-color prints
D) four 1-color prints
E) one 3-color print and one 1-color print
We have found in the past, the more print designs you offer (option D), the more people seem to purchase. If for some reason you have more that you want to offer we can also set up a second press DOUBLING what could be offered and doubling your profit!

We have a variety of pricing options for events and private parties. Fill out the form below or give us a call for more information, or to schedule your event. 

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