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Custom Printed T-Shirts

Using High Quality Inks and Materials

Specializing in Waterbase and Discharge Inks

Printed In-House Since 2005

Looking for some affordable custom t-shirts, jerseys, hats, hoodies, tote bags or other garments? Whether its for your club, team, band, organization, business, brand, or school, we offer a variety of options and services to meet your needs.

Most of the jobs we do are screen printed, and we pride ourselves on our high quality garment customization. Here at Twin City Tees we are not only committed to printing your job with high attention to detail and accuracy, but also with the highest quality inks and materials we can and at a price point that is hard to beat! No joke. We print with WATERBASED and DISCHARGE inks whenever possible because we love the lightweight, super soft, breathable and great looking qualities they offer.  Check this out if you're wondering what screen printing is and the process.